Ocean of Darkness installation

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As part of the third Arnhem Mode Biënnale on the subject of shape, the exhibition Ocean of Darkness (2009) consisted of a photographical presentation, a 15 minute stereoscopic video and an installation. The video forms a hybrid between a nature documentary and a childrens program. In collaboration with stylist Maarten Spruyt, baroque, colourfull and mysterious beings were created from items of clothing and utensils. Set up as a mass-appealing 3D movie presented in the latest months preceding the dawn of the current 3D mania, the video juxtaposes grotesque imagery with a voice-over contemplating on more than meets the eye. As a new chapter in my research on the relation and differences between mass-culture and art, this project challenges the adagium of ‘less is more’ by making use of an abundance of available visual aids and techniques. But while this can facilitate and intensify the sensational experience of a piece of work as it often does in mass-culture, it can also function as an obstruction to this. Can Ocean of Darkness guide us to a metaphysical world beyond concrete matter, or is everything merely shape and form?